Fire Extinguishers

Supply, Maintenance & Installation of Fire Extinguishers

If you want to protect yourself and your property from damage in an event of a fire accident, it is important that you install a fire extinguisher. To get any assistance regarding fire extinguishers, contact FCF fire and Electrical Wide Bay and get a free quote today.

We will visit your work site and after inspection will not only advise you on matters regarding the type, quantity, and placement of the fire extinguisher but also provide and install the right signage in accordance with Australian standards.

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Different Types of
Fire Extinguishers

In Australia, there are six primary types of fire extinguishers. Each of these is installed according to the risks and hazards in a work environment. We ensure that we will help you install the right type of fire extinguisher for your Salisbury business.

If you need help regarding the installation, maintenance, and supply of fire extinguishers for your Wide Bay business, contact FCF Fire and Electricals today.

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CLASS A Fire Extinguisher

If there is a risk of a fire breakout caused due fabrics, plastics, paper products or wood based products, the Class A fire extinguisher should be installed.

CLASS B Fire Extinguisher

This type helps extinguish fires caused by flammable or combustible liquids such as chemical based products.

CLASS C Fire Extinguisher

This type is for fires caused due to flammable gases.

CLASS D Fire Extinguisher

This help extinguish fires caused due to combustible metals.

CLASS E Fire Extinguisher

If fires are caused an electric current, these extinguishers should be used.

CLASS F Fire Extinguisher

Fires caused due to cooking oils and fats can be controlled used these extinguishers.