About US

FCF Fire & Electrical

Hervey Bay, Queensland was the birthplace of FCF Fire and Electrical back in 2008.

The owner of the company, Jacob Foster, founded the company because many other fire safety companies were overcharging for fire safety, but they weren’t providing good service. His dream was to create an Australian owned company that provided great affordable fire safety service.

As fully qualified fire safety technicians, you can be confident you are getting the very best Fire Safety service in Wide Bay. Call us today: 1300 323 753.

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Reasonable Pricing

Our goal is to ensure that we charge Australian companies reasonable pricing for fire safety services. We are in a position to pass along savings to our customers because we have national buying power.

Great Local Service

Although we are a national company, all of our outlets have owners who live locally. This is beneficial because you get to leverage the local knowledge that these owners have.

Cloud Technology

All of our equipment maintenance schedules are powered by software in the cloud. This technology makes it easier for customers to service their equipment and keep track of maintenance records.

The Latest Technology

Fire safety regulations in Australia are forever changing. We strive to keep up to date and ensure that all of our equipment and techniques are squarely within the confines of Australian law. This means that our fire safety standards will always be up to date for our customers.

Different Sized Businesses

We service all different types of businesses. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some of our customers are large national companies, but others are much smaller businesses in local places such as Salisbury.

Residential Services

We service both commercial and residential properties. We can work with residential homeowners to make sure that their homes are up to fire safety code in terms of RCDs and smoke detectors.